Cygnus Hex Editor FREE EDITION

Cygnus Hex Editor FREE EDITION 1.0

Loads various files and edits them in HEX format
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1.0.101 (See all)
Shows the HEX addresses of the loaded files and converts the data to other code. The hexadecimal code represents the file structure and some of its content, at least the one that's readable. Provides real-time cursor position and coding mode while a file is opened.

This is the freeware version of the Cygnus Hex Editor. This is the fastest and easiest hex editor available anywhere! Features include MDI interface, multi-level undo & redo, extensive drag & drop support, blazing fast search, search and replace, delete and insert characters as easily as you can in a word processor, edit files up to available virtual memory (up to 2GB), much more.

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